Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas fairy tale

The little people and the secret of silence.

On that one, wondrous night, when a star was traveling through the sky, all people did hear a sound, they never heard before. A choir of Angels, the singing of the animals, each in their own way.
And in between all, there was that very tiny Baby, that had a big destiny. What is so different with all the other destinies?
That is what is hard to understand, special when you are not grown old and wise.
But in that special place also were the little people, for they are everywhere, something important in the world happens. That is, while they are a part of this world, a very old part.
And you and me?
We are much, much younger, so we have not learned that much, our little friends have learned. But they are trying to teach us their secrets.
This is what they do tell of this night: When you are small, you still can find it more easily. Why? I’ll tell.
When you are looking with the eyes of a small child, you see all as if it is new. When you looking with the eyes of a grown up, you not only see things, but they are mixed up with memories.
Memories, of what your eyes did see last time, things were as this. So If you see a Christmas tree, there also is picture in your head of the trees, you have seen before.
But that wondrous night, there was no example of something like that before, so everybody did see all that night with the look of a small child’s eyes: for the first time. That must have been marvelous.
The little people watched and were wise enough, not to say much: they just watched and listened, and when the little baby was sleeping, they did ask: “What will be the difference between this Baby and all the other new born babies?”
And Mary smiled: “It has a special gift from His Father, but it is a burden too.”
And the little people were silent and thought.
After a while, there were other visitors too, and they did hide between the animals, the straw, and the wool of the sheep, but silently listened well, and did see all.

After this visitors were gone, they asked again: “What is the difference between the joy over the birth of this Child and all the others?”
And Mary smiled again, while Josef did cover the child up with his own head scarf, so it would be nice and warm and could sleep.
“This Child will carry the world on His shoulders, and thus bring it back to the arms of His Father again.”
About that the little people had to think long again.
And they did so in silence, so the Baby and his Mother could sleep and rest.
Than there were for the third time visitors, very important ones, with presents and a message.
The little people did see and hear all, and when this ones were gone, they not only had a question to Mary:
“Why do you have to take flight, when all do know this Little One is so important?” Again Mary did smile, knowing the Father did send His precious Son for the big and the little people, but not only the normal people, no also, or just for the bad people.
“You do know that not all people do, what is right, do you?”
The little people nodded yes, but kept their mouth.
“This important people did tell us about somebody, who want to be more important than anybody in the world, and that cannot be.”
The little people nodded again, silently knowing, while they had lived as long as the earth was lush and green, and they had been given the instruction, to keep care of all. They knew, and did not need words.
So they said: “When we go with you silently, and unseen by anybody, who is not as wise as You and the Baby, can we stay with You, be of help, and keep doing, what we always do? For it was His Father, who asked us to keep care of nature, and He is now also a part of it.”
Now May smiled, and she nodded.
“Now I also can tell you the difference between Him and all the other baby’s, but also, what is equal.”
All little people did listen very, very careful.
“What is equal in Him and all other baby’s is, they are born with His love, and have a chance, to make something beautiful of their life.
Some baby’s are born to do something important, like My Son, other baby’s also have to do special things, for what they are born.
But only He has the burden of the whole world on His still tiny shoulders.
When we look at all people with the same love, we have learned the first lesson, my Son will teach the world again, while the world seems to have forgotten that.
And there are more lessons to teach, but also more burdens to carry.
Stay around in the same thoughtful silence, and do think deep and well, just as you did today.
Than you will be welcome companions on our road, for that will not be easy. You found a very good way, to receive His message: listen well, look well, and act with love.”
Than they packed all, they could carry, and on the back of the donkey the long travel began.
And in silence, the little people stayed around, and like they helped nature, they also helped the Son of the Creator of Nature and the world all is on.
© Nan van Daalen.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Angels.

Little Christmas Angels.

A skirt of gauze above cart-board,
what gleaming glitter here and there,
awkward little finger tinker
with cotton wool, glue and scissors.

A little head becomes a thread to hang,
angel’s hair flies all around.
A tip of a tongue sneaks out of a mouth,
and glitter all about.

Scissors cut the little wings of lace,
one also gets a bit torn,
the silver paint spats all around,
the head becomes some color.

A second Angel is included:
a small trumpet at her mouth.
Rickety, oblique and instable
made by a child’s hands.

Finally Christmas-day is there:
they all hang in the tree,
a series of little angels, rickety, oblique
a children’s Christmas dream.

Nan, original 1993, translation 2011.