Sunday, April 15, 2012


A bunch of reckless Angels.

At the feet of Jesus were always some Angels, not only glorifying Him, but together with Him gazing to the world. He was also listening in to the prayers, but they often only listened half, for they could not imagine the sorrows of a not perfect world like Heaven was.
And while He had not only time to help those, who needed Him most, He also had time to welcome the souls, that came back home.
That little bunch of Angels did not feel spoiled by being in His presents, no, it was the most normal to be so in Heaven, and what is normal, seldom is appreciated.
So one of the Angels got fascinated by the glitter and glance of the big city’s, the casino’s, the dancing girls and sighed: “Oh, I would like to experience a life like that!”
Another of them was fascinated by the work, a woman did by helping those, that had the most urgent prayers, but did not like the solitude of a convent. So she sighed: “Oh, how I would like to experience a life like that, it would feel like Heaven for me.”
A third of the bunch said: “No, I do see on the other side of this world a lot of pristine land, with plenty of room to roam free, work with the nature, I would be more happy there!”
Yet another and another did see places, their heart yearned to be on thatr places, and Jesus, in His wisdom said: “Did I not teach you, that each and all have its destined place in My plans? That some people have to learn from an experience. That other people do need many life’s to come to the wisdom, that their soul has been given by My Fathers Creation of the universe?”
The bunch of Angels, always sticking together and chatting, when Jesus was busy with something else, nodded yes, but the words did not fall in rich soil, so half of the meaning was lost.
The next time they spoke words like this, Jesus sais: “My lovely praising Angels, My Father did create you to sing His glory in Heaven, be satisfied with what He gave you. And remind yourself to be sure what you do ask for. You even can get it, and when it is not, what you thought it was, you stuck with it.”
The Angels again nodded yes, but had no idea, what Jesus was talking about, while looking at the outside was something different from seeing the inside of a humans mind and soul.
And they were not created as guardian Angels, so they did not got the wisdom. That does fit that job.
The third time Jesus said: “I did warn you, my lovely ones. There is only one cure to heal your yearning: I will send you to live a life on Earth. But nobody of you will meet each other, before you do recognize a kindred soul in the other. All of you will experience the troubles, you did overlook between all the beauty life also gives. Your life’s will be rough and hard ones. The troubles, you did overlook, when we together did look ate the world, you also will experience. All of you will keep the spark of recollection, how Heaven is, and have the urge to make life on Earth just like that.
I keep you Savior and hold my eyes on you, but you will have free will, like all humankind, so I cannot predict, when we are together here again. Do you still wish to go to Earth?”
Only one Angel did see, that the Creator placed her in the right place, the other ones were to curious and all said, they wanted to go.
So each of them got a different place of birth, a different fait to live through, according to their desires in Heaven. But each also was given a task to fulfill before their life should end and the lessons were learned.
Some, who did have the desire to help humankind, without being in a convent, got very hard lives, for they did need a sturdy base in their soul, from where they could do the job, they were yearning for.
For them the memory of Heaven was the only thing, that sometimes could help them through very hard times, and often the were on their knees, asking the Lord: “Why does this all happen to me Lord?”
They had to remember to be faithful, see how their experience could help others, before there was peace able in their hearts. Others had different, but equal hard life’s, sometimes by their own eagerness to live in glitter and glory going through the opposite: from the outside glorious, from the inside empty and hard.
They had to learn, that love is found in your own heart and multiplies by giving.
And there also were those, that did not loose their faith, they kept searching for the others to give them the love, they had still in their soul. Now a few of them have met, they only do not realize….
Lets keep in touch until our time to sit on His feet again!
© Nan van Daalen.

Saturday, March 31, 2012


42: Our little people are getting ready.

Outside the snow still is thick on the ground. When we do go out, we are huddled in thick coats, mittens and hats, and if possible thick boots with 2 pair of stockings.
I could still make a snowman yesterday, but still… there are some flowers peeping out of the snow.
Last week I did see the Snowdrops, a thick bunch of them, so I enjoyed: spring is coming soon. Yesterday, just before the snow, I did see the first blue blooms on a Hyacinth, so I stopped to look.
But this morning there is thick snow on the ground again, and the frost was severe. So cold, that soon we can skate not only on the fields, we set water on, so we could skate safely, but also on the ditches and wider waterways.
I do wait, until a grownup tells me, it is safe. Do you know why? I’ll tell you.
Once I was as little as you are now, and I did not listen well. The ice did look lovely and thick, so me and some friends dared each other to try if it was. We told each other: the smallest one first, than one who is bigger and so on.
I was the smallest one, but when only one foot was on the ice, I already went through! Luckily the bigger ones could help me out, and I had to run home with one wet and one dry leg! Brrrr!
It was that cold, I was happy I had not gone under totally! So now I am careful, like you also should be.
Our little friends are much lighter, and they use the snow-shoes I told you of before: when they walk, it looks, like a big bird have walked there, while on the underside they made markings like that.
And may, may, are they busy now!
They almost have a double duty now! Very busy preparing for spring, but now, with the late snow and ice, they also need to rescue the animals, trapped in the ice, or who cannot find their hidden food, while there has to much snow fallen in one night.
So they even asked the elf’s to give an extra hand, while it is almost to much to do at the same time: preparing for spring, ánd taking care that as much as possible animal friends survive the sudden cold.
So there is an going in and out in the dwarf-houses. Luckily not to much of the heat escapes, while there are those extra doors, while they often have to go in and out. That doors keep the heat in.
But the dwarf mom’s are also a bit in the spring mood for their dwarf men did bring in some nice smelling flowers of those Hyacinths. We do not see, when they with careful hands take of one bloom from a stem with a lot of them. Now their houses smell lovely.
They only hope, that spring is not waiting to long any more, for the rooms with the help food are already half empty, and that is not good for their friends.
So they do ask from us: will you too help us to bring our friends in nature through this long cold winter?
That also can be fun: who does not like it to make a long chain with peanuts in the rind for the tits?
You can ask an older person to do the tread through the needle, if you cannot.
And when mom does have some fat left, you can poor in some seed, you can find in a pets-hop, or may be even collected for that purpose in autumn, and ask for some breadcrumbs to lay on a sheltered place, where the little kitty-cat cannot come and catch the hungry birds.
Than our little friends have more time to do some ‘spring is coming’ duty, we cannot do.
Why cannot we do that? Do you know where new bulbs or other flowers are growing under the snow? I cannot, they can.
It is, as if their noses are double good, like dogs-noses, so they smell out new growth, and when to much snow is on top, they take a big part away.
Not all at first, for than a frost would freeze the new leaves, a thin layer of snow protects the leaves for to much frost.
I now stop telling, for I have a pot full of fat, that is used a couple of times, so it needs to be renewed. And I do have bought in autumn a few big sacks of seeds for birds in the pet-shop.
So I go now, and stir all together, put some old sultana or onion sacks in the bottom of old cups and poor all in.
Tomorrow, when all is hardened, I do bind this close and can take them out, to hang in the trees and bushes, besides the sling of peanuts.
All the birds in the neighborhood fly by, for I do this each year.
I am a grown-up. I can work with hot fat, and not burn myself.
You will ask for help from somebody, old enough to do so, will you not? I am sure of that.
So when we wake up tomorrow, and not are going to have some other tasks, you will help too?
But please, be careful, like our little friends.
For now we know that we have, just like them, to be aware of hot from the fat, but also of the cold from the snow and ice, and also, that the animals need us too.
But spring is almost in the air… we just have to wait a bit longer!

© Nan van Daalen.


43: What happens in between winter and spring?

That is not the right question when we talk about our little friends, it must be: what happens in the year, after a winter dwarf becomes a real spring dwarf.
Well some answers about that, you already got before.
But today is a special occasion, we are following a special winter dwarf until he is a real spring dwarf.
This winter dwarf told me his name, while I was allowed to see and hear lots of all I am going to tell you.
His name is Olly, and the dwarf maiden, he fell in love with, is Dolly.
They did meet at the winter solstice party and had a big laugh, when both reacted when Olly was called from the other side of the circle.
So this year Olly did make the big climb in the Sequoja tree, and became the dress, his Dolly was going to wear when the dwarf’s wedding was. And on that same day many other dwarf couples got wedded.
After the feast, they got free time to finish their own house.
Remember, that special house with the double doors, so water, wind and unwanted guest would not come in?
That is hard work, for certain when it became clear, they soon had to build 2 extra rooms!
Why 2 extra rooms?
While dwarf women have so much duties underground, but also with healing, they mostly get only once baby’s.
Baby’s? Yes, mostly twins, a boy and a girl, so they always have someone to play with and learn together, what dwarfs need to know.
That is, why Olly whistled his little dragon friend, and asked him: do you know where I do find the softest down? Together they went there a couple of times, so the baby dwarfs did get the warmest mattresses and duvets you can imagine.
With his fox-friend he went for bigger pieces of soft, but sturdy wood, so he could build them nicely decorated beds, and small chairs.
And Dolly went to her animal friends for wool to spin thread, and weave little clothes. And special for her some far flying big birds went to the cotton fields to gather that, so there was enough variety.
In between they also had to dig, make the sides of their house sturdy, so the earth did not fall down when a big animal or human passes by the tree, they had chosen for their living. Luckily all was ready in time.
That is, while each year, this happens, and all the other dwarf friends do help, like they were helped themselves also.
And like human baby’s, dwarf baby do grow quickly, so they also got some nice things, other dwarf children outgrew, like some clothes and toys.
You see: they do love their children just like your parents and family do, but they are also used, not to spill anything, that can be used again with a bit of care and cleaning.
Just a few weeks, before the baby’s were born, there was the special baby shower, where everybody gave the new to be moms and dads gifts.
And still unexpectedly soon there sounded 2 loud crying baby dwarfs in the house: a good sign, for than they have healthy lungs.
Well, you remember, what you mom did, when you were smaller than now, do you?
She gave you something to suckle on, with a bit harder rim to help you getting teeth, so you could sleep.
Luckily Ollie and Dolly had helped out with family when they were kids.
That they were longer than we are, for dwarfs get so much older than we will be.
And by having even more responsibilities, they do need more time to learn all, they do need, even how to care for kids. Dwarf kid and animal kids alike.
Also all about plant and medicines from plants. And who wanted to learn a craft, went to a teacher-dwarf to do so, and mostly lived there, until they were ready.
All this Olly and Dolly also had done, and their twins would do the same, growing up slowly, so they also could help all in nature, animal and plant, and sometimes even, without noticing by them, some human.
But first our lovely dwarf, like all other before them, shared the first year together, so the mom-dwarf could manage alone next spring, when her husband had to go out, to do his duty outside, and has less time to help out in the house and with feeding.
So now you know, why there is a year between being a winter dwarf and a spring dwarf.
I do think is it a very clever solution, that nature made with our dwarfs. And what do you think?
Does it work the same in the human world?
I do think only a little bit the same, mostly the daddy does not get a year of for building his house and helping in the first difficult months. But they do together, as much as possible, is it not?
The other difference between human and dwarf is: you can be an only child, the youngest or the oldest of a few.
That dwarfs do not have, they only have that one twin brother or sister for life, so they are very close.
I do not know what I do like more. I do have brothers and sisters, and you? All in nature comes the way, it is the best, when we take care of things.
But that you are learning very well, now you are growing up, is it not?!
© Nan van Daalen.

On the other side of the world with our little friends.

44: On the other side of the world with our little friends.
Today, while stirring a big pot of thick, wintery soup, my little friends did get an emergency call.
How? It went piece by piece, every time given on to the next fire dragon or big, long flying bird.
And before you ask why, I will tell so: Our dwarfs and elf in Holland have a lot of experience with floods, very wet weather.
That they have not so much on the other side of the world on a continent, that is called Australia.
So the last messenger from there was a Storm-petrel, a bird that mostly can fly for days on end on the winds and airflows.
And so it went on until it arrived over here, and had to ask help to get warm, while it so terribly cold now.
The moment it did clapper with his beak, but could speak again, it said: “I am hungry!”
The other birds of the sea, the seagulls, who had flown with him for the last miles, went out and were catching him a lot of herring and other fish.
After eating Petrel the finally could tell what he came for.
“We do know you are terribly busy with winterfeeding, saving animals of the ice and so on, but can you please share some of your dwarfs and elf to help us?”
“What do they have to do? If we know, we wake the right ones. And the ones, we can miss for a couple of months, for Australia is not just around the corner!” one of our friends commented.
“You see, only once in a very large number of years there does fall that much rain, we have a flood. This year there is so much rain, even the dried out seas in the inland, that only had water 2 times the last 100 years, are overflowing now.
That is a tread for a lot of animals, that usually do live on dry land, even desert like surroundings.
Do you have some older and wiser dwarfs and elf to spare, who can give us directions, how we can handle things?
You see, we also like to store the water for next years, while it might not rain for a lot of years to come, so that makes it a double problem.” The Storm-petrel said, looking very hopeful.
Luckily, after some deliberation, they did remember Wander, the dwarf with the fire dragon, that so much liked to travel.
They also remembered, he had studied all the water works over the world, with this making the long messenger trips he had made, les boring. So he was the perfect dwarf for the job.
There also was an very tiny elf, that seldom came out, while he easily was blown away.
By that reason, he wrote all the stories, everybody told him in the books of the dwarfs and elf, so no knowledge went lost.
“But how do you want to bring an elf to the other side of the world, when on the ocean there is always wind, so I mostly glide on it, to use as less as possible energy?” the Petrel asked.
“We do have, from a time about 50 years ago, a kind of armor of leather, which should fit around him and can over your neck and under your belly.
You only have to ask other birds during the trip to feed you, for he cannot hold his breath that long, or would freeze when wet.” The Petrel nodded.
“After a good night rest and some more food from my friends, can we go? It really is an emergency”.
All agreed, and the next day Wander and his dragon, with a small rucksack with food and a book of the elf flew besides the Petrel, with on his back, just before his wings the tiny elf, in thick, warm clothes and also with some elf food on his back.
3 days they flew, and the message went faster, while the birds with nobody on their back, and only a small piece to fly, took care, there was on every resting spot food and for the elf and dwarf a fire, if wood was available.
In Australia they went not only to the wisest of the dwarfs, no they too went to the elder of the Aboriginals, knowing, they also did remember story’s of thousands of years.
So together they found the solution, one that the humans that came to live over there much later than the Aboriginals could not know.
In some parts under the dry seas and rock, there are basins, hidden under big rock formations, and to be sure, the sweet water did not go at once to the sea, the entrances were closed.
But nobody had thought, to ask the people, who did live that long in this country.
And by themselves, there were not enough of them, to open up all the necessary entrances, so the water could go down, but was not wasted.
All and everyone did help, while the other people did see the Aboriginals opening the way to the basins, did lower the water.
They were not wise enough to see the dwarf, only the kids could, but on that moment nobody had time to listen to that stories: the land had to be dry again first.
When all was done, not all the water was gone underground, but most, and the sun would help, even as the new growth on the new harvest, that now could be planted.
And Wander, the elf and the fire dragon?
They had the time of their life: such a large helping adventure.
They did meet a lot of other little people, fire dragons of another kind, and did do as we all try to do: help nature, just when it does need that little bit of extra help.
For the next years there now was stored underground water, that slowly would fill the tiny water wholes in the inland through the small cracks in the mountains.
Nice to know, is it not?
© Nan van Daalen.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Green leafs and promises of coming spring; Author Nan Van Daalen

45: Green leafs and promises of coming spring.
The spring is slowly traveling North. That is the way it looks, when you live on earth. But when you were an astronaut, traveling in a space station around the world, you would see something different.
The world is turning around the sun, and while it is not a straight line from South-pole to North-pole, but that line is a bit oblique, we got seasons.
You can ask mom and dad how that works, or the teacher can draw this on the blackboard.
Now the seasons in the north are coming to spring, while that side of the earth is turning very slowly more to the sun, while in the south part of the earth it is just the other way around.
I did see the first Snowdrops before it began to freeze again, but luckily the are created this way, they can survive some frost.
I really do hope, the frost stays away now, but certain, we can only be in my country, when it has been the first half of the month of May.
Than all trees start getting green leafs, and not just the very early ones. It is than, the spring dwarfs and elf, the fairy and new fire dragons are very busy to make the world the most lovely place there is!
And do you know what? I am going to help them this year a bit extra. How?
Well, I will do it in several ways, and for most we do not need that much.
A pot with earth, a plastic bag or half a see-through plastic bottle and some seed.
I did lay extra last year some seed of the peas, instead of eating all.
And I dried some beans and put them in a sachet with the name on it. After that I did store it on a dry, but not freezing cold space, with some flower seed and cress.
And with the last I will start, while it does taste so well, and it even will grow on a layer of cotton wool, when mom will give you some plant-food to put in the water.
Hmmmm, I do like cress on my bread! And it only needs a day or 10 to grow, before you can ask if an adult will use the scissors, to take of some to eat.
The other things need a secure timing. Why?
When you do plant a bean, after you have soaked it over night so it is not dry anymore, you have to put in your pot with earth, water it, and cover it either with the plastic bag or the half bottle.
That you do, while that way, you make your own little green house, just like in the grown up world a lot of farmers do, so we also have fresh vegetables in winter besides the ones, that are preserved or frozen in a shop.
But is it not much nicer, to see for yourselves how things grow in the window sill? And to keep looking every day, if the earth in the pot is not to dry, while inside it does not rain, that YOU have to provide.
When you have done this in the right time, than all plants you had under a cover, are so big, you can plant them a bit apart in separate pots with very, very careful fingers, so the roots do not damage.
There will be an adult around, who can tell you, how to do this, I do hope.
Than the big moment comes: there is no frost anymore, and in the same time your seedlings have grown so big, you can plant them in the garden.
That way, you have earlier than others your own beans to eat.
But also your own plants, that give such a colorful display in spring.
And all of that is, while you got a little bit homesick for green leaves and spring coming, even when you do like ice skating or skiing in the snow. The one thing you do outside, the other you do inside the house.
So, now I do not have time to tell more, for in my part of the world spring is in 6 weeks, so I slowly have to start with my ‘helping nature and myself’ thing.
I already made an empty spot in the window sill for the cress, and in a few days I will soak the beans.
With the flowers I will wait another week, but that is not so easy, for this seed is so small, I have to be careful, not to put to much on the same spot, but I did it well last year, so I will do it this year too.
For I do like a flower-full garden with Easter, so than all has to be out.
Therefore I start now. And you?
Will you start too, or do you have the patience to leave all to the nature and our little friends?
Me not, I do like to see as soon as possible the green leafs, that are the promise of coming spring!

© Nan van Daalen.

The message of the deep diving dwarfs, Author: Nan Van Daalen

46: The message of the deep diving dwarfs.

Some kids do think dwarfs only do live on land, but I shall tell you a little secret: some do live on sea too.
Oh, I did tell you so before? Good, for today our dwarf friend Wander and his very wandering fiery dragon are ready helping the flood victims in Australia.
But Wander and his little dragon would not be a pair so special, when they had not already found a new wrong to set right. But again: they cannot do it by themselves, they do need our help.
During the long trip to Australia, they did fly over the great Barrier Rif and of course they were very, very curious about all, that was to see there. The little dragon had to stay on top of the sandy spots, that kept above water, while the salty water of the ocean would have smothered his ability to make a flame.
And of course, that would be a disaster for a fire dragon, do not you think so?
But Wander dwarf did fly along the reef, until he found some other dwarfs, that did live on small boats.
From that base, they could help the Rif, but now these dwarfs were a bit out of idea’s what to do to help.
Oh, I hear you ask why?
Well, our little friends cannot do something, when we humans are doing the things wrong. We are with a lot more and much bigger. So when we are not careful, we do make a lot more mess all around the world. How you can help? Let’s ask the deep diving dwarfs.
They dive deep in the water, and do use their own invention to be able to breathe under water, like we do use pressed air. I am to big to see that, so I do have to believe what our friends do tell me. Now they are very sad. And only we can make things better. Why and how?
It is this way: the Rif does look like a big underwater forest with wonderful colors. In that forest do live thousands of fish in the most wonderful colors: it is like a world of its own.
Corals are build up by very tiny little beasts, that do need each other to sieve all the food they need out of the water. But now we make such a mess of our world, and put so much in the air, that does not belong there, the water is getting hotter. That makes the food of the corals swims to cooler water, and slowly the coral is starving, it is going to be white like skeletons, and does not grow anymore.
That makes, that all the tiny and bigger fish, that have their home on and in the Rif slowly loose their place to live. But what can we do about such a thing, so far away at the other end of the world, and also deep inside the ocean? We are so far a way and still so small. But we can too.
We have to decide, and do not say with everything new we see: that I want to have too! And when it is a little bit colder, we can put on a pull over or a sweatshirt instead of setting the heater a bit higher.
Than we are warm enough too, but the air keeps a bit less hot. That helps a bit, but when we all do, that together makes a big lot, don’t you think?
But before Wander Dwarf comes home, let him tell of the beauty, you can safe too by acting good.
He has told me about corals, that sway in the waves like lace on a branch. He told about other kinds of coral, that has tiny ending, that ‘flop out’ like an opening flower, that do sieve the tiny foodstuff out of the sea, or the ones that looks like a Porcupine with dull stings, among which the little fish with the colors of a clown do hide and lots more.
Lets hope, we act all with responsibility, that is a difficult word for just using your head and think first and act than, so we can make a good choice.
I plan to do that, so in a couple of years the Great Barrier Rif is still there and growing again. Than may be you can have a holiday there, and with a good guide, who does tell you how you can keep all intact, and as beautiful for you to show when your kids have grown up.
Are you with me in helping the little friends and nature? Yes?
Well, I do think so, let’s do it all together, to keep our world as beautiful, no may be even more beautiful as it is now, while a lot of new growth did get a chance!

© Nan van Daalen.

Flying home the long way Author: Nan Van Daalen

47: Flying home the long way.

We have followed our wandering dwarf to Australia to help with the floods, and afterward, when he did see the Great barrier Rif, and now he is flying home with his little fire dragon friend. But Wander dwarf would not be Wander dwarf, when he went straight home. Or did you think he did?
If he was not curious, what was behind the next mountain, or under that big, tall tree, his fire dragon was.
Fire dragons mom was right: her son did deserve a special dwarf friend like Wander, just as curious as he was, even when he still was in the egg!
When you are a bit bigger, you will learn all about the lands of the world, and the place, they do have. But Wander dwarf and his dragon friend are curious now, and luckily we can have a bit of a look over their shoulders, while in one way or the other, all what they adventure, ends up at this pages. Nice, is it not?
The easiest way to fly home, told the great Storm bird, was going along a long row of larger and smaller Islands, people do call Indonesia. There would fire dragon also be able to meet some of his distant relatives, while there are some volcano’s too, even ones, that every now and than spit a bit of fire or hot steam. So they took that route, and landed in a volcano, that for our eyes seemed calm: only some steam, nothing more. But fire dragon did know the spot, where he could find his relatives: the hottest place.
To do that, he left Wander dwarf in an Indonesian temple on the roof. There were a lot of carvings of fire and other dragons, and some bigger and smaller images, of the Gods, that were prayed to in this land.
Wander did go around with a dwarf, living there, and he could eat his belly full with nice hot food. So he did wonder, why it was so hot in the mouth, while it was not on his hands.
“That’s from the peppers”, was the answer. “In most hot countries people also do like the spices, that make the food hot in the mouth. Than they do not feel the heat outside so much” joked one of the other dwarfs. “And they do drink enough, what is very important in a warm or hot country”.
This way, our friend was learning more and more about how all in nature stuck together, that all, that grows in a special place, has a reason for growing there. He had to tell the fairy Queen and his friends a lot, when he was home again! So he did not liked it to go on, but this time his fire dragon was the smartest: “We do have ½ a world to fly back, and we cannot take a life time for that!” so off they went again.
The next stop was in Singapore, while that city is on the tip of a peninsula. The buildings rose sky-high. The ships filled the harbor, and it was hard to find a small one, belonging to a water dwarf, so they went to a Temple again, that there also were in abundance.
This stop, they wondered, why all buildings faced one way, and the streets mostly too. One of the oldest dwarfs told: “in this country people do believe in balancing things. They do call that “feng shui” and that is a very old way of thinking. This way, you get most out of the sun, the breeze, the waters and how they do run, without disturbing nature. You make sure, you do life with it. Some humans even think, it brings luck.”
“Luck” asked the little dragon, “everybody who does live the proper way with nature will have the luck to get all, that nature has to offer. That is what we have learned.”“That is true,” the oldest dwarf told, “But did you not notice, that a lot of people do forget how to live with nature nowadays? Therefore this is a good way, to tell about it, just like other countries do have stories about how to work with nature.” “You mean, like our people tell about the dikes and the floods, and in other counties they tell about the elephants, who eat certain fruits, and thus help to plant new trees with their droppings, or the beaver, who builds his house and that way makes the river flow another way or…” “Stop, stop, you did understand what I told. Sometime the story’s people do say are folklore, have a lot of wisdom hidden in them, only mostly not about machines, more about people, nature and how things should be. So now you have a few more story’s to tell to the little and big people on the other side of the world. When you have eaten and slept, you two better can leave,” he ended.“Why?”wondered Wander. “While it is the season of the winds, and than they do go the way, you want to go to come home. You do not want your friend give some extra burden, just while you did not see something of our town, do you?”“No, of course not. But how could I know about the winds?” he answered. “Well, that is were other dwarf and elf friends are for. This time you better take the route above land, and in every place you stop, search for a little people friend. That way you never can go wrong, for they do know their living place the best of all, so also how to use it.”
And that is how I like it, and you?
© Nan van Daalen.

The new dam builders: the Beavers ; Author; Nan Van Daalen

49: The new dam builders: the Beavers.

Did you hear that tree falling? It was an enormous thud, and all the branches took other branches with them. Still, nobody was hurt. While everybody around did know, it was going to happen.
Of course, while our little friends did tell everybody, that their friends, the Beavers, had woken up out of their half-sleepy winter slumber, and start building again.
That is something, that happens all over the world in spring. And we have learned lately, that all things in nature have a reason, mostly good, even when we do not fully understand all yet.
Why can Beavers build a dam and it is good for nature, and sometime we humans do build a dam, and besides the electricity it often creates havoc? Do you know?
Well, one of my little friends did tell me. Beavers build their dams as a home, that in the same time is there provision store. That is: they do eat the leaves and bark of trees, and the softer branches, while the inside is sweet and nutritious for them.
To get what they need, they have very strong teeth to gnaw the bark, than the inside of the tree, going around it, until it falls. Than they take of the braches with their teeth again, and pull them in their home, called Beaver dam, to strengthen it and have food for a long time. Are they not very busy and hard working?
And while they do love their food fresh, and a Beaver family cannot eat a whole tree, no also not a smaller one, in one go, they do build their dams on a place in a pond or river, where most time of the year is enough currant to keep all fresh.
So they create the landscape, that is fit for them to live in. And the water gets deep enough by this, to have the entrance of their home under water.
This way the young Beavers in spring are happy living in protected chambers of wood, surrounded by the food they need, as soon as they do not suckle anymore.
And between the Beavers home and the rest of the water, there always is place for fish to spawn, that is laying their eggs, between the branches. So it also does protect other animals.
And what happens, if we humans interfere, while we want a good fishing pond, that is deeper than the one, the beavers did build?
Well, they look at the digging from a distance, look at the food store that is also there, and when the spot stays perfect, and there are enough young trees, that promise food for years, they come back and rebuild their dam.
That story went around in this spring festival, while it was that time of year, when all came together, remember? The elf did tell this story to us.
In my country a lot of people are glad, that there are Beavers, that create a special sort of landscape. Some people go out there in a canoe to watch them from a distance.
The little people also are their friends of course, for the wood, to heavy for the Beavers to be drawn to their dams, is used by other animals, so nobody does notice, the dwarf and elf take a share for their own homes, to create the safe place for themselves and the animals they do help.
This year the spring-solstice feast in Holland is celebrated in the Biesbos, a nature reserve, where our Beavers do live, and a lot of other animals.
The Beavers did create a dry place, by letting the trees fall in such a way, they could gnaw of the big branches, and after that there was a circle left, for every one, who wanted to celebrate with them.
What a pity I am to big, and have to do, with what my friends do tell about it! It was marvelous.
But I have not told yet, why our dams are not always good, while the Beavers dams are. Well, we do build our dams strong and nearly straight up, and make holes in them, where we put machines in to make electricity for the people.
To get enough power, the lake behind it has to be huge, and the holes for the water small, so the currant is strong. To strong for the fish to pass by or lay their eggs.
And some dams are placed in rivers, that are the only place, that some kinds of fish can lay their eggs. That did their parent fishes a long time already, and all other animals counted on that for their own food too, while that is how things go.
Although man have thought to make a kind of stairs, where the fish can swim and each time leap to a little bit higher spot, it often does not work so well as what in nature was created.
So what can we do to help all, and also ourselves?
We do look very well what is happening, and if we need a dam or create something else, we look how nature itself did solve the problem.
We like to go fishing when we are grown up too, at least I would.
And you? Just as I did think, you too!
© Nan van Daalen.

One of the big secrets of the little people : Author: Nan Van Daalen

# 50 One of the big secrets of the little people.

Shh, listen… listen very well, for this is a remarkable story, not many kids have heard. But you will today.

In all the stories of the little people, the dwarf and the elf, the fairy and the little fire dragon, but also of their bigger friends, you have learned something about how nature works.

You also have learned, how they always do their duty, to help all in nature to go the way, it is created or to say it easier: meant to work. And now, on the verge of one of their special feasts, that of the spring equinox, I am allowed to tell you, how they themselves find the power, to this difficult job.

Their parents did teach them from very young, what they have to know, but about one thing we did not talk before. How do they find the rest and strength to do all this busy things, and keep going on as long as necessary? For you will have understood with all those stories, they do al lot.

 Well, they are told, how to reach inside their own self, get the calmness that is needed to do their job.

We humans do have such a thing too. It is know by different names, regarding to what you do believe.

The most people would call it praying, so they open their mind for the help they need. A lot of other people, from other parts of the world would call this meditation. What that is?

Wow, that is not so easy to explain, but I will try. When you do pray or meditate, you are sitting very quiet and concentrate on one thing. Praying is concentrating on telling God what lives in your heart.

Meditating does work a bit different, but end with the same result: you find out, what lives in your heart.

Our little people do that every day, and in their heart they do find all the beauty, our Creator did put in our world. So they do find out, how all belongs together, bounded with the light of creation.

That is difficult, is it not? Not really, you can say it simple too. Have you ever tried to make a bowl of clay?

And what did it do, after it was finished, did it stick together? Sometimes, when you did it right, it did, other times it did fall apart. And when the bowl was finished and still in one piece, was it baked in an oven, to become like the bowls your porridge is in?

Well, than you have created a small thing of yourself.

You have concentrated to do it well, and done all the steps to finish it. That you have to do too with meditation.

First you sit silently and easy, so nothing will disturb you. Than you put away all the thoughts in your head, that make it so busy. Just think of nothing and be calm, wait.

That is not easy, so you can teach yourself to do so, like the dwarf did learn: they did think of the light of a candle. After practicing a number of days, that light in your mind guides you to what lives in your heart.

You only follow that, just look and listen, let nothing else be there.

Well, we have to practice that a lot, before we are as good as our little friends, but they did learn how to do so, when they were very young, and they did see their parents do so too.

May be you did see your parents do so as well? Or you do know, how to be calm and pray, so there comes peace in your heart.

In this peace in your heart is a special thing: it shines like the candle and gives light in your heart.

And that light is, what our world keeps together.

But you have to look and listen well to discover it. Sometimes you do see a glimpse of it by seeing a beautiful rainbow, or just a pattern of light on the water.

Or some beams of light shining through the branches in a dark forest. Or you do hear the music of nature in the singing of the birds, the murmur of the brook, you just walk by.

But be not afraid, when it does not work at once: you have a long time to learn all this things, just as you now have mastered to speak and play. And you do know you have a lot more to learn before you are grown up.

Do I myself try this? Yes, of course.

My little friends would not trust me with their stories about all, that concerns them, when I did not do so.

Do I always succeed? Sometimes not, but I try again next day, for each day brings a new thing in your life. And that can be a new understanding too.

The little people ask specially for understanding their duty in this world. And they ask for the love, that is needed, to do that duty.

Each and every day again. So I do the same.

And you? I am sure you will try.

So you do learn a bit more every day of your life, like we all do. And our little friend do too!

Waiting for or doing? Author: Nan Van Daalen

 #51 Waiting for or doing?

Waiting for or doing, that is the question in spring for our little friends have each year. Just like you and me they cannot wait to see all the lovely colors spring brings, so they nearly look the flower buds open, instead of waiting to help a little bit. They just like us love the fresh smells of spring, that is brought by the new growth and more and more are cleaning out their winter sleeping places, so new leafs get the chance to make a fresh roof over their walkways, like in the Fairy Queen tree.

Yes, you do remember well: the winter dwarfs, that are going to be spring dwarf next year, came on solstice time, so all are awake now. But you still have to look very well, to see one of our friends, for there is not so much to hide outside, where it still is a bit cold, and so much to do out of our sight.

So what are they waiting for, so they really can start doing their duty in nature like each year?

They are waiting, until the Ice-saints have had their name day. That is 13th, 14th  and 15th of May, and those take with them the last frost of the year below the high peaks of the mountains, where they do store it till needed again next year.

So some things our little friends can do: in places, where the sun burns a little bit harder, they already are very busy, for there has not been real snow and ice, except for high in the mountains.

And in the lower lands, more to the north, they still have to have a bit more patience, while over there the snow stays longer. There the time for real doing is scarce: a Snowdrop here, a Daffodil there and in very covered places a few Pilewort flowers above their round leafs.

The people who still tell the story’s, they have heard from the Mothers and Grannies, are now going to look for Dandelions and dead nettle, for they do know, there are a lot of good vitamins in them now, that people do need after the harsh winter. And the dead nettle does not really sting, so early in spring.

Besides that, the cure against that sting is always growing close by: Hoof-leave they do call this in the low countries. When you do crush a leaf of that and rub over the nasty place, all sting is gone.

Tell you how you recognize the right plant? All nerves in the leaf go from stem to point in a straight line! And it has yellow flowers, just in spring, when you need to recognize them, is that not great? So we can make a spring salad or soup with what we found with our first long spring walk.

And what are we doing? Are we waiting or doing something in spring?

I did not wait, the first seedlings are coming up in my window seal, like I have told you before. The first sandwich with cress did taste very fresh and herby, and I cannot wait, to harvest another one. The first sprouts of the one-year-flowers are already small, little tips in the pots, but not big enough to put in a bigger one. And when it is May, and they can go out, they are fully grown, ready to bloom.

Did you try this year to help our little friends? Did you try to look at nature how it grows, when you take care of it, like an adult can teach you?

Well, in that case, you are a lucky one, for your own eyes can see the beauty of our creation, and for most things you even do not need a real garden, although it is lovely to have one of course.

A big pot, just outside the window, so you can water it and see very well what happens, is also a little garden and when a lot of people do that, our big cities grow even more beautiful by that.

For that we only need the stories of our elder people, who did so before us, and to look how nature does work is nice, but does ask for patience.

While almost noting in nature does make haste, good things grow slowly.

So, although I do know it is to early now, I did look in my little garden and took away some of the nasty looking dead plants, I am sure they did not survive the very cold days.

And I did see the first new leafs on my strawberry plants, so I do know, I also now can plant some tomato-seeds in the window seal.

So coming summer my bread will taste mmm, delicious,  with my own grown topping berries.

And yours? I do think you at least will try.

Or will you have to wait a bit longer? Not me, I will go on!

Of that I am sure.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Cyclamen


In the garden of the Lord he planted some bulbs too.
All had to go into the dark earth, to be able to get to leave and flower later.

Than Spring came, and some small, quick ones came into bloom, praising the fresh air and the room they had, thinking it was all there was created.

Next came the later bulbs, and they did see, there were leaves on the trees, and the later ones still did see the blooms in there too.

And still, there were some bulbs, laying dormant, wanting to bloom too, although not their time yet.
They did struggle with the darkness, the ongoing season and their own still being in the dark.

Until summer came, and all others did loose their freshness, the leaves already discolored and out came the Cyclamen, who had waited until autumn, to give the world her beauty before the dark days of winter, just as The Lord had made it.

And only now the Cyclamen did understand her struggle and waiting time.

And she also understood, she had her own beauty and place in His eyes.
And we?

We do enjoy this flower of autumn, delicate, although late in season.
We are thankfull for her beauty...

copyright Nan van Daalen