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43: What happens in between winter and spring?

That is not the right question when we talk about our little friends, it must be: what happens in the year, after a winter dwarf becomes a real spring dwarf.
Well some answers about that, you already got before.
But today is a special occasion, we are following a special winter dwarf until he is a real spring dwarf.
This winter dwarf told me his name, while I was allowed to see and hear lots of all I am going to tell you.
His name is Olly, and the dwarf maiden, he fell in love with, is Dolly.
They did meet at the winter solstice party and had a big laugh, when both reacted when Olly was called from the other side of the circle.
So this year Olly did make the big climb in the Sequoja tree, and became the dress, his Dolly was going to wear when the dwarf’s wedding was. And on that same day many other dwarf couples got wedded.
After the feast, they got free time to finish their own house.
Remember, that special house with the double doors, so water, wind and unwanted guest would not come in?
That is hard work, for certain when it became clear, they soon had to build 2 extra rooms!
Why 2 extra rooms?
While dwarf women have so much duties underground, but also with healing, they mostly get only once baby’s.
Baby’s? Yes, mostly twins, a boy and a girl, so they always have someone to play with and learn together, what dwarfs need to know.
That is, why Olly whistled his little dragon friend, and asked him: do you know where I do find the softest down? Together they went there a couple of times, so the baby dwarfs did get the warmest mattresses and duvets you can imagine.
With his fox-friend he went for bigger pieces of soft, but sturdy wood, so he could build them nicely decorated beds, and small chairs.
And Dolly went to her animal friends for wool to spin thread, and weave little clothes. And special for her some far flying big birds went to the cotton fields to gather that, so there was enough variety.
In between they also had to dig, make the sides of their house sturdy, so the earth did not fall down when a big animal or human passes by the tree, they had chosen for their living. Luckily all was ready in time.
That is, while each year, this happens, and all the other dwarf friends do help, like they were helped themselves also.
And like human baby’s, dwarf baby do grow quickly, so they also got some nice things, other dwarf children outgrew, like some clothes and toys.
You see: they do love their children just like your parents and family do, but they are also used, not to spill anything, that can be used again with a bit of care and cleaning.
Just a few weeks, before the baby’s were born, there was the special baby shower, where everybody gave the new to be moms and dads gifts.
And still unexpectedly soon there sounded 2 loud crying baby dwarfs in the house: a good sign, for than they have healthy lungs.
Well, you remember, what you mom did, when you were smaller than now, do you?
She gave you something to suckle on, with a bit harder rim to help you getting teeth, so you could sleep.
Luckily Ollie and Dolly had helped out with family when they were kids.
That they were longer than we are, for dwarfs get so much older than we will be.
And by having even more responsibilities, they do need more time to learn all, they do need, even how to care for kids. Dwarf kid and animal kids alike.
Also all about plant and medicines from plants. And who wanted to learn a craft, went to a teacher-dwarf to do so, and mostly lived there, until they were ready.
All this Olly and Dolly also had done, and their twins would do the same, growing up slowly, so they also could help all in nature, animal and plant, and sometimes even, without noticing by them, some human.
But first our lovely dwarf, like all other before them, shared the first year together, so the mom-dwarf could manage alone next spring, when her husband had to go out, to do his duty outside, and has less time to help out in the house and with feeding.
So now you know, why there is a year between being a winter dwarf and a spring dwarf.
I do think is it a very clever solution, that nature made with our dwarfs. And what do you think?
Does it work the same in the human world?
I do think only a little bit the same, mostly the daddy does not get a year of for building his house and helping in the first difficult months. But they do together, as much as possible, is it not?
The other difference between human and dwarf is: you can be an only child, the youngest or the oldest of a few.
That dwarfs do not have, they only have that one twin brother or sister for life, so they are very close.
I do not know what I do like more. I do have brothers and sisters, and you? All in nature comes the way, it is the best, when we take care of things.
But that you are learning very well, now you are growing up, is it not?!
© Nan van Daalen.

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