Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The message of the deep diving dwarfs, Author: Nan Van Daalen

46: The message of the deep diving dwarfs.

Some kids do think dwarfs only do live on land, but I shall tell you a little secret: some do live on sea too.
Oh, I did tell you so before? Good, for today our dwarf friend Wander and his very wandering fiery dragon are ready helping the flood victims in Australia.
But Wander and his little dragon would not be a pair so special, when they had not already found a new wrong to set right. But again: they cannot do it by themselves, they do need our help.
During the long trip to Australia, they did fly over the great Barrier Rif and of course they were very, very curious about all, that was to see there. The little dragon had to stay on top of the sandy spots, that kept above water, while the salty water of the ocean would have smothered his ability to make a flame.
And of course, that would be a disaster for a fire dragon, do not you think so?
But Wander dwarf did fly along the reef, until he found some other dwarfs, that did live on small boats.
From that base, they could help the Rif, but now these dwarfs were a bit out of idea’s what to do to help.
Oh, I hear you ask why?
Well, our little friends cannot do something, when we humans are doing the things wrong. We are with a lot more and much bigger. So when we are not careful, we do make a lot more mess all around the world. How you can help? Let’s ask the deep diving dwarfs.
They dive deep in the water, and do use their own invention to be able to breathe under water, like we do use pressed air. I am to big to see that, so I do have to believe what our friends do tell me. Now they are very sad. And only we can make things better. Why and how?
It is this way: the Rif does look like a big underwater forest with wonderful colors. In that forest do live thousands of fish in the most wonderful colors: it is like a world of its own.
Corals are build up by very tiny little beasts, that do need each other to sieve all the food they need out of the water. But now we make such a mess of our world, and put so much in the air, that does not belong there, the water is getting hotter. That makes the food of the corals swims to cooler water, and slowly the coral is starving, it is going to be white like skeletons, and does not grow anymore.
That makes, that all the tiny and bigger fish, that have their home on and in the Rif slowly loose their place to live. But what can we do about such a thing, so far away at the other end of the world, and also deep inside the ocean? We are so far a way and still so small. But we can too.
We have to decide, and do not say with everything new we see: that I want to have too! And when it is a little bit colder, we can put on a pull over or a sweatshirt instead of setting the heater a bit higher.
Than we are warm enough too, but the air keeps a bit less hot. That helps a bit, but when we all do, that together makes a big lot, don’t you think?
But before Wander Dwarf comes home, let him tell of the beauty, you can safe too by acting good.
He has told me about corals, that sway in the waves like lace on a branch. He told about other kinds of coral, that has tiny ending, that ‘flop out’ like an opening flower, that do sieve the tiny foodstuff out of the sea, or the ones that looks like a Porcupine with dull stings, among which the little fish with the colors of a clown do hide and lots more.
Lets hope, we act all with responsibility, that is a difficult word for just using your head and think first and act than, so we can make a good choice.
I plan to do that, so in a couple of years the Great Barrier Rif is still there and growing again. Than may be you can have a holiday there, and with a good guide, who does tell you how you can keep all intact, and as beautiful for you to show when your kids have grown up.
Are you with me in helping the little friends and nature? Yes?
Well, I do think so, let’s do it all together, to keep our world as beautiful, no may be even more beautiful as it is now, while a lot of new growth did get a chance!

© Nan van Daalen.


  1. As I read these stories my mind tales me back to my childhood. The background music also takes me back in time.

  2. Melisa says she loves your stories.