Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One of the big secrets of the little people : Author: Nan Van Daalen

# 50 One of the big secrets of the little people.

Shh, listen… listen very well, for this is a remarkable story, not many kids have heard. But you will today.

In all the stories of the little people, the dwarf and the elf, the fairy and the little fire dragon, but also of their bigger friends, you have learned something about how nature works.

You also have learned, how they always do their duty, to help all in nature to go the way, it is created or to say it easier: meant to work. And now, on the verge of one of their special feasts, that of the spring equinox, I am allowed to tell you, how they themselves find the power, to this difficult job.

Their parents did teach them from very young, what they have to know, but about one thing we did not talk before. How do they find the rest and strength to do all this busy things, and keep going on as long as necessary? For you will have understood with all those stories, they do al lot.

 Well, they are told, how to reach inside their own self, get the calmness that is needed to do their job.

We humans do have such a thing too. It is know by different names, regarding to what you do believe.

The most people would call it praying, so they open their mind for the help they need. A lot of other people, from other parts of the world would call this meditation. What that is?

Wow, that is not so easy to explain, but I will try. When you do pray or meditate, you are sitting very quiet and concentrate on one thing. Praying is concentrating on telling God what lives in your heart.

Meditating does work a bit different, but end with the same result: you find out, what lives in your heart.

Our little people do that every day, and in their heart they do find all the beauty, our Creator did put in our world. So they do find out, how all belongs together, bounded with the light of creation.

That is difficult, is it not? Not really, you can say it simple too. Have you ever tried to make a bowl of clay?

And what did it do, after it was finished, did it stick together? Sometimes, when you did it right, it did, other times it did fall apart. And when the bowl was finished and still in one piece, was it baked in an oven, to become like the bowls your porridge is in?

Well, than you have created a small thing of yourself.

You have concentrated to do it well, and done all the steps to finish it. That you have to do too with meditation.

First you sit silently and easy, so nothing will disturb you. Than you put away all the thoughts in your head, that make it so busy. Just think of nothing and be calm, wait.

That is not easy, so you can teach yourself to do so, like the dwarf did learn: they did think of the light of a candle. After practicing a number of days, that light in your mind guides you to what lives in your heart.

You only follow that, just look and listen, let nothing else be there.

Well, we have to practice that a lot, before we are as good as our little friends, but they did learn how to do so, when they were very young, and they did see their parents do so too.

May be you did see your parents do so as well? Or you do know, how to be calm and pray, so there comes peace in your heart.

In this peace in your heart is a special thing: it shines like the candle and gives light in your heart.

And that light is, what our world keeps together.

But you have to look and listen well to discover it. Sometimes you do see a glimpse of it by seeing a beautiful rainbow, or just a pattern of light on the water.

Or some beams of light shining through the branches in a dark forest. Or you do hear the music of nature in the singing of the birds, the murmur of the brook, you just walk by.

But be not afraid, when it does not work at once: you have a long time to learn all this things, just as you now have mastered to speak and play. And you do know you have a lot more to learn before you are grown up.

Do I myself try this? Yes, of course.

My little friends would not trust me with their stories about all, that concerns them, when I did not do so.

Do I always succeed? Sometimes not, but I try again next day, for each day brings a new thing in your life. And that can be a new understanding too.

The little people ask specially for understanding their duty in this world. And they ask for the love, that is needed, to do that duty.

Each and every day again. So I do the same.

And you? I am sure you will try.

So you do learn a bit more every day of your life, like we all do. And our little friend do too!


  1. I love these stories Nan. This is #50 if you would like it removed let me know. LOL, BDC

  2. Don't you dare have these removed. Melisa likes to listen to over the rainbow while I read to her.